How To Teach Through Your Online Article Submissions

You may start marketing with articles because of the benefits that article submissions can bring to your website’s traffic and search engine ranking. That’s how most people begin, but once you get started you’ll see that there is an additional purpose behind each article submission that you create, and that purpose is to teach.

Free reprint articles are also called “educational articles” for a reason–they are meant to educate the reader on a particular topic. When you start writing free reprint articles, you will write content that teaches your reader how to do something related to your niche.

Teaching is a prime component, but what if you’re not a teacher? What if you don’t think you have a teaching bone in your body?

Even if you’re not that confident in your ability to educate others, I want to show you that you can teach when you want to. Consider this:

If you have children, then you’ve taught them a million things. You’ve taught them how to get dressed in the morning. You’ve taught them how to crawl, stand, and walk. You’ve taught them how to eat with a fork and spoon. You’ve literally been teaching them every single day of their lives even if you didn’t realize it.

The reason why it may not have felt like you were playing the teacher in these situations is because your guidance was highly motivated by a close relationship. You wanted to keep your kids safe and teach them to be more independent.

You naturally began teaching because your “student’s” learning affected you in a large or small way. Your student’s success in learning directly impacted the quality of your life.

Using these examples as a guide, you can also learn how to teach your potential customers and website visitors through your articles. Here are some tips for getting started:

1 – Pick one thing that your reader really needs to know that will impact his or her success in your niche.

Parents do that when they teach their children. They decide what their child needs to know for his own safety and well-being, and it’s very important to them to get that message across. You will do the same for your online “students” (the people who read your articles).

2 – Use simple words and concepts to get your message across.

A child who is learning how to swing on a swingset doesn’t need to know the physics behind how the swing works. He just needs to know how to get on the swing, hold on, and get the swing going.

It’s the same with teaching people about your field–newcomers will appreciate straightforward instructions in simple language. If you have complicated terms and phrases associated with your niche, be sure to explain what they mean.

3 – Use examples to “show” your reader what you mean.

When you’re teaching your child how to tie his shoes, you’ll do so by showing him first. If you were just to describe it, chances are your child would get confused and not know where to start. But, if you actually take a shoe and show him, he’ll pick it up more quickly.

Obviously when you’re teaching through your articles, you won’t be able to literally show the reader how to do something, but you can use examples to paint a picture in his mind. These are also called verbal illustrations. A verbal illustration is where you take a concept that is already familiar to your reader, and you use it to explain a new concept.

For example, this is a verbal illustration for teaching someone what a hyperlink is:

“Just like a bridge joins two pieces of land to each other, so a hyperlink joins two web pages. The hyperlink makes it so that the reader can be easily transported from one location to another on the internet, just like the bridge makes it so that you can easily get from one geographic location to another.”

When making a verbal illustration, you simply take an already familiar concept and use it to explain a less familiar one. In that way you’ll “show” your readers what you mean.

Teaching is a skill that everyone has the ability to develop. It comes more easily to some people than others, but no matter how comfortable you feel with teaching, you can use these very simple tips to create an article that will educate your readers about an element of your niche

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